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Welcome to LetsCRO, the ultimate destination for all Cronos blockchain enthusiasts! LetsCRO is more than just a meme token cryptocurrency; it's a community-driven initiative aimed at bringing together users and enthusiasts across the Cronos Chain through a fun and engaging Slogan Token.

Stake $LFC
Claim$BORNBRAV Rewards




Stake $BORNBRAV + Project Token
Claim Project Token Rewards



Project Token

Project Token





LetsCRO Bonus Care Packages

LetsCRO Rewards Station

Receive a Care Package of $BornBrav when you stake a project token listed below.
The longer you stake, the bigger the care packages.

Receive a Care Package of $LFC when you stake the $FFTB token.
The longer you stake, the bigger the care packages.



























Let's All CRO Together

LetsCRO Mission

LetsCRO mission is very clear - to unite the Cronos blockchain community like never before. We believe in the power of community-driven initiatives and strive to create an environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and grow together.



The LFC Ultimate Mission


LetsCRO Community

 Whether you're a seasoned blockchain enthusiast or just getting started, there's a place for you in our community! Join us on social media, participate in our events and initiatives, and let's make the Cronos blockchain community stronger together.


Join the LetsCRO Community:


LetsCRO Staking

Join the BornBrave rewards station as a Cronos project and give your community Care Packages of $BORNBRAV. Let your community explore for rewards stations while traveling the Cosmos. 
$BORNBRAV + Project Token = Rewards

Offer Staking

Become a Project Staking Pioneer

Staking Partner

LetsCRO is a slogan token built on the Cronos network, designed to create collaborations among all users and projects on the Cronos blockchain. With a vibrant and inclusive community, LetsCRO aims to create a space where every member feels valued and empowered as part of the CROFAM!

About LetsCRO

$LFC Contract Address:

The LetsCRO rewards stations will reward all Crofam pioneers who wish to explore the Cosmos✨️to be $BornBrav again.

When a Pioneer finds a Reward Stations, they will have to have $BornBrav to land their ship onto the unexplored planets to seek their rewards.

All #LetsCRO Pioneers receive Care Packages for being loyal to the Pioneer Brigade and holding 250 Million $LFC. Care Package come from new token projects that join the #LetsCRO Staking Platform.

It takes $BornBrav to find valuable rewards throughout the Cosmos✨️. Learning how to channel the LetsCRO energy and use it to power the inner BRAVE within a LetsCRO Pioneer is challenging at first. As a LetsCRO Pioneer holds their LETSCRO energy longer and longer they become more BRAVE and are able to travel the Cosmos✨️ to find more reward stations. The stronger the LetsCRO Pioneer's energy, the more BRAVE they are, and the easier it is to explore the Cosmos✨️ for reward stations.

LetsCRO and lets find the gems in the Cosmos✨️.

#LetsCro Staking

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Get $LFC on the Cronos Chain at your own risk.

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